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For Advanced Practitioners and Adventuresome Beginners

With Rosa Zubizarreta und Matthias zur Bonsen

from March 2 - 4, 2020 at Grube Luise, Bürdenbach I want to register (via website of Kommunikationslotsen)

Come join us for a three-day of immersion where we'll be ...

  • creating a field of shared inquiry
  • learning from one another
  • generating new insights
  • building community

Our Calling Question:

What have we been discovering in our practice of Dynamic Facilitation? What interesting experiments have we engaged in, and what have we learned as a result? And what are our "next steps", in bringing forward the gift of this practice?

The spark of this advanced deep dive, has been the publication of the second edition of the Dynamic Facilitation book, edited by matthias zur Bonsen and Rosa Zubizarreta. In response, Holger Scholz from Kommunikationslotsen has invited Rosa to come once again to germany and teach. And so the idea for this gathering was born ...

At the same time, the future that is calling to us, is one where there is a strong learning community and network of DF practitioners, applying our skills widely to respond to the needs that humanity is facing today.

Das Buch zum Seminar: Dynamic Facilitation – Die erfolgreiche Moderationsmethode für schwierige und verfahrene Situationen von Rosa Zubizarreta und Matthias zur Bonsen (Hrsg.)

Dynamif Facilitation Buch

Format for the Gathering

There will be many opportunities for sharing stories in response to the calling question, in both formal and informal ways. And, the centerpiece of our gathering is the extended opportunity to BE in a facilitated space, where we can witness and experience each other's unique ways of "doing DF".

We will do this through periods of exploring a "burning question" together, where different people will have an opportunity to facilitate. And, we will alternate the direct exploration of content with meta-level group explorations (also facilitated) about the process we have just been experiencing.

On the third day we will also have some time together in a (somewhat adapted) Open Space format.

Possible Experiences to Share

To whet your appetite we want to mention some of the experiences we already have available to potentially share, just among our planning team. And, we expect there will be many more, once we have more participants in the stew!

  • How to introduce DF to groups
  • Combining DF with elements of Convergent Facilitation
  • Empathy Circles as away of "warming up the group" for DF
  • Combining DF and World Café
  • Using DF for pilot groups
  • Creating a context for DF
  • Bringing the body and movement into DF

Expressions of Interest

To create a rich and balanced group, and also to begin the learning process even before arriving at the workshop, we are asking interested people to respond to a few questions beforehand. This includes something about your previous expereince with DF, why you are interested in attending, and what you might want to share at this gathering.

Guides and Hosts

Rosa Zubizarreta

Rosa is an organization development consultant trained in action research and socio-technical systems redesign. She has been working with DF since 2000 as a practitioner, researcher, and author, and has taught this groundbreaking appoach both in the US and internationally.Recently she co-hosted the first international gathering of DF practioners in Batschuns, Austria.

Matthias zur Bonsen (also Co-host)

Co-Initiator and Co-Host

Holger Scholz

Holger is founder of Kommunikationslotsen. His passion is cultivating our natural capacity for facilitating and mentoring as a practical means for working with leaders and organizations. Holger became involved with large group facilitation in the nineties. During this time he was intrigued by american ideas about OD and process consultation. As a result, he became a change facilitation leader, by incorporating visualization and a unique style of faciliation from which Kommunikationslotsen was born.

Fakten zum Seminar

Ort: Bürdenbach, Seminarzentrum Grube Luise
Bürdenbach liegt zwischen Frankfurt und Köln. Die nächsten ICE-Bahnhöfe sind Montabauer und Siegburg. Das örtliche Taxi-Unternehmen koordiniert gemeinsame Fahrten.

Beginn: 2. März 2020, 10:00 Uhr
Ende: 4. März 2020, 16:00 Uhr
Dazwischen jeweils von 9:00 Uhr bis ca. 18:30 Uhr
(eventuell mit einer Abendeinheit)

Preis: Early Bird-Tarif bis 15.1.2020 € 1.200,--, danach € 1.400,-- zzgl. 19% Mehrwertsteuer

Stornierung: Bei einer Stornierung bis 30 Tage vor Seminarbeginn werden 50% des Preises, danach 100% des Preises berechnet.

Ich möchte mich anmelden. (über die Internetseite der Kommunikationslotsen)